Dyagang Boys

Nominee: Dyagang Boys

Submitted by: Toni Bell

These little guys are an Aboriginal dance group. They perform all over the state at their own expense, performing at hospitals, expos, sporting events in Sydney, NAIDOC celebrations, Parkes Elvis Festival, Frost N Fire, cultural celebrations. etc. They really do bring alot of light and smiles on alot of people's faces, especially the elderly. Jade & Tyrone (parents) do not ask for a single cent to go and perform, they do not charge for their performances, they do it purely to teach their sons culture & respect and to spread culture amongst the communities. With the price of fuel & everything else going up these days, it would be great to support them to assist pay for fuel expenses, meals when travelling away etc. They have grown from 4 little boys to 14 kids now & they are getting more and more performance bookings as their popularity grows. It would be wonderful to be able to support this group as much as possible. They really are beautiful little kids making a difference in not only their own life as they are taught values & respect, but in the lives of others whom they bring a smile to every time they perform


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