Dane Freeman, He is my best amte.

Nominee: Dane Freeman, He is my best amte.

Submitted by: Scott Gray

Dane Freeman and his family have experienced some hardship of late and I believe they deserve some help. Dane and his wife Sheree have three boy named Leo and Twins named Jet and Dex. Unfortunately Jet and Dex were born with a rare syndrome which has seen predominantly Jet in and out of hospital and multiple surgeries and life threatening situations since the day he was born. Now 4 and Leo 6 the boys are coping well but still require intense assistance from dane and Sheree and friends to help out when a hospital visit is needed for checkups or operations and to help with their development to attend school. more recently of late the family have had a bad run when Sheree found out her father had been struct down with Cancer and has a short time left to spend it with his family and grandchildren he loves so much, in the same week Jet was again admitted to hospital with an infection in his port after a routine checkup which again lead to another week admitted and another operation, meanwhile Dane has been training for his new position as an operational Officer with the RFS in the training facility in Dubbo, during the same week Dane was travelling to Dubbo when his car was struck buy another and written off. They say bad things come in threes but these guys just can't seem to get a break. For the past 8 years Dane has served in the RFS as a volunteer and a Senior deputy beside me as the Captain. Dan selflessly has given up his time for all those years to help the community through the 2019/2020 fires and all other events. Sheree is always there to support him and is left to look after the boys, this is her contribution to helping the community also. The bottom line is that inspire of all the Issues at home and sick children and family Dane and Sheree always seem to put the community and helping others before their own needs, wants and desires. They are a true Blue top family who deserve a little reprieve. I have attached a Photo of the family at Sheree's parents house at Leo's birthday as her dad couldn't travel with his Cancer and wanted to at least have one last Birthday at their house.


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