Adam Nicholson

Nominee: Adam Nicholson

Submitted by: Erin

Adam is my husband. We have an 18 month old son. On Christmas night 2021, I went into premature labour at only 23 weeks. I ended up with sepsis and our little girl sadly didn’t make it. Since then, I’ve not been able to return to work and have struggled enormously. Adam, however, has shouldered the financial burden. He gets up every day full of positivity and strength and looks after me and our son. He rushes home from work every day to be with his son and I, and he works all weekend around the house, without ever taking a single moment for himself. He’s the most supportive, wonderful man I’ve ever met. He stands so strong despite our heartbreak and never does anything for himself. He’s the reason our family survived the devastating loss of our little girl.


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