Jordan Richardson - I'm his father

Nominee: Jordan Richardson - I'm his father

Submitted by: Joel Richardson

On the 22nd of April Jordan was coward punched and put into a coma for 2 weeks. I was told while he was in a coma to expect the worst and that his expected hospital stay was up to 6 months. As I write this now, 3 weeks later, he has been medically cleared to come home from the rehabilitation centre and has made amazing recovery progress. Still a long road ahead. What's the answer to your question you may ask? The difference he has made to me and everyone around him. He just keeps fighting, shows strength and persistent, and is proof that you can over come the most challenging battles you face. Hard work and resilience takes you a long way, To find the good in every situation and is overall a general inspiration as he continues through his long battle he faces. Why am I shouting him out, because he deserves the recognition for fighting through such a horrible incident and in the hopes we can help him with his ongoing medical expenses he will incur as a result of someone else's horrible actions.


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