Know someone who deserves a shout out?

We’re giving back to people making a difference in our communities. Nominate someone who’s made life that little bit better and we’ll see how we can help them out with a Pepper Money Shout Out.

What are we doing?

The past couple of years have been tough for us all. That’s why we’re asking everyday Aussies about the people who’ve made a difference in their lives.

Each month we’ll be surprising some of these lovely people with a big thank you for being so kind-hearted. It’s our way of giving back to those who’ve helped others succeed in ways big and small.

Check out some of the awesome nominations

Neville White, my 82yo father

Leanne White

My father retired at 60 and has tirelessly worked to support a wildlife shelter he happened to stumble across in Barwhite, Mansfield, Victoria. The shelter takes care of injured and sick wildlife at no cost and with no financial support from the government. Dad has donated over $5,000 of his own money, has set up gofundme’s to raise funds and does a regular drop off to the shelter's manager, Gabbie Meghan, via her brother who lives locally in Melbourne. He collects towels and sheets from locals who regularly drop them off to their home. He donates these to the shelter and buys bird seeds, rakes, rubbish bins, whatever the shelter needs or tries to fundraise to buy these for the shelter.

Kylee Donkers and James Leonard of Dutch Thunder Wildlife Shelter - We volunteer for their wildlife shelter

Emma and Josh Lewis

The work Kylee and James do is quite remarkable. They run a large and often very busy not for profit wildlife shelter in North Central Victoria. Their shelter is a 24/7 emergency rescue and rehabilitation centre for all native wildlife. They work tirelessly without government funding or support relying heavily on donations and volunteers. The work is often very confronting and extremely labour intensive with very long hours. The shelter deals with road trauma of our wildlife, rehabilitation of orphaned young, medical care for sick and injured wildlife and the monitoring and conservation of a dwindling population of Victorian Koalas that are prone to scabies and other ecological threats. Kylee and James raise awareness by running education programs at schools and at popular camping sites around the busy tourist periods to educate members of the public on how to help our wildlife and what they can do to make a difference. They also host tree planting days and clean up Australia events in support of our local community and environment. We volunteer with Kylee and James and see first hand the incredible hard work and sacrifices involved on a daily basis and we'd like to show our appreciation by nominating them.

Wendy Uren

Wendy UREN

I would like to nominate my partner Brenton Thompson, as I have been off work for the last 5 years. I have been taking care of my son in taking him to and from school. So Brenton has been the financial support for the both of us, in paying all my bills like insurances, food, petrol, car services/repairs and paying all the utilities Bills/Rates. I would love from the bottom on my heart if you could shout him out.

Mitchell Brennan

Dawnmarie Brennan

Mitchell is with the RFS here in Wisemans Ferry. 2019 Mitch worked tirelessly everyday for weeks to fight fires which effected out community so bad, he gave up weeks of work with no pay to make sure we were all safe, they were the worse fires and we lost so much. 2021 the floods came and again Mitchell worked every day/ night getting people to safe ground with the RFS fire boats, delivering food, hay for animals, medicine needed by those cut off by the flood waters, he never stooped. 2022 March 3rd again Mitch was out saving the people of this community all while he was losing his home to floods as his property went under. The people of this community can not tell me how he helped them so much. He was the one going up dangerous rivers flooded to get food and medicine there, to save people and get them out of the even worse floods then last year. Everyone in Wisemans knows Mitchell and are so proud to have him here part of the RFS. So for the last three years Mitch has worked for his community to keep it safe and the people here are so thankful for all those working in the RFS.

Ashleigh Larkin, My sister

Amber Larkin

She volunteers her time a lot to help those within the community. She had cancer herself when she was younger so she really wants to spread awareness about childhood cancer, she has a Instagram page spreading awareness (keepingupwithashie), she runs the Illawarra convoy account (all volunteer work), she volunteers for the cooper rice brading foundation which helps spread awareness about cancer and supporting families and is volunteering for a ball currently which helps raise funds for charities who support families with cancer. She is honestly making such a difference within the community.

Nick Swingler. I am the club physiotherapist.

Tom Lancaster

Nick has been a sports trainer at Sturt Football Club since 1980 and Head Trainer since 1988. This year is his 43rd year providing medical care to Sturt players across all grades. He attends training every night of the week and matches weekly - massaging, taping and assessing and providing treatment of injuries. In 2018, in the absence of a doctor, he assessed a player to have an internal injury (lacerated kidney) and insisted that a reluctant player provide a urine sample - a decision that ultimately saved the player's life which was continually reiterated by RAH ED doctors. On Monday of this week (post game), Nick recognized symptoms in a player that was suggestive of ruptured spleen. This was confirmed by CT scan, which meant that the player was able to receive emergency medical care. Both of these injuries are medical emergencies and a result of Nick's decision making both players survived. They owe their lives to NIck! Nick puts his 'heart and soul' into the SFC and it's players. They are the most important thing in his life and he works tirelessly to make sure they're well cared for..

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The Pepper Money Shout Out

For over 21 years we’ve been helping people all over Australia with our home, car, commercial and personal loan options. Given things have been a bit tough lately, we wanted to see what else we could do. Towards the end of 2021, we conducted our Real Life Difference research and asked Aussies what they rely on more than anything else in tough times, and the resounding response was the support of others. From mowing lawns and feeding pets, to helping out with renos and caring for kids - or even just listening when someone needed them. Lending a helping hand in tough times is the biggest difference we can make.

So, we decided to take some of the money we’d normally use to make ads, to instead reward those who’ve helped each other out. Which is why you’ll notice our ads might look a bit stripped back this year. And we’re really proud of it!

From April to December 2022, we’ll be reviewing nominations to hear about those standout people and organisations who have made a real life difference to those around them.

If someone has helped you in a way big or small, then we’d love to hear about it. Tell us how they made a difference to you, and we’ll see if there’s a special way we can thank them.