Know someone who deserves a shout out?

This is your chance.

Nominate someone who’s made a real life difference to customers or the community for a Pepper Money Broker Shout Out!

What are we doing?

When times are tough what matters most is how we look out for each other. Nominate someone you know - an individual or organisation - that’s made a real life difference, to customers or the community over the last year.

At Insights Live 2022 we’ll share some of those stories and in each state one of these great nominees will be getting a special thank you from us, for making the sort of difference that really matters.

Check out some of the awesome nominations

Jake Girke - Broker

Access Capital

Jake has developed a strong brand with clients and community. He will do whatever is required to achieve the desired outcomes for his clients and to support community interests. At 25 he is a co-director of the largest Equipment Finance Broking business in SA & NT. Jake was recently a finalist for the Young Broker of Year CAFBA award which incorporates not only business activity but also exceptional client experience and support. Community activities include supporting and promoting awareness of a client’s daughter’s medical condition which included travelling interstate to assisting raising funds and awareness to the foundation. At home, Jake cares for his grandfather often having him stay over and providing him much needed company. In his spare time, Jake is the captain of the A grade Echunga footy club and committee member. He has a very strong focus and passion for developing and mentoring all the junior codes which he has done for many years. A true team member and leader who is respected and admired by all his peers. Jake is truly a role model for young people and worthy to be considered for this award.

Reno Grech

Ana magda

Reno was my guardian angel I met him in April 2020 after a very nasty break up and he too was struggling his own battles I had a court hearing and I was short to payout my ex just to keep my home for me and my kids I had a shortfall which doesn’t sound like much but meant either losing my house or keeping it Even though we were together less than a year he lent me the money which to this day I haven’t been able to pay back He loved me enough to help me and I wish I could repay him I am a single mum who made a stupid mistake in believing a narcissist and I suffered with my kids in tow Thanks to him I was able to keep my beautiful home There’s nothing more that I would love to do is pay him back because there hasn’t been a day he has asked me for the money even though he faced two divorces and loss of both his parents

Max Hamond

David Plunkett

He worked hard to get me the best loan for my new caravan. Nothing was a chore for him, he made the whole process very easy.

Phia Damsma Friend

Mery-Anne Winter

My friend Phia Damsma makes a difference in the life of children who are blind or vision impaired by helping them to build technology skills. She runs ‘Sonokids Australia’ on a non-profit basis and develops apps - designed as games - that teach children who are blind or vision impaired essential digital skills to use computers and mobile devices. Her aim is for all children, regardless of disability, to be fully included in today’s ‘connected’ society, and access education on an equal basis as their sighted peers. During the pandemic, all Sonokids’ ‘Ballyland’ apps were offered for free, and some still are. Much to the appreciation of teachers, parents and children! This includes the recently released app ‘CosmoBally on Sonoplanet’ which promotes Data Sonification for access to information.

Katie wife


She is going through chemo and is still a great mum to our two little boys and keeps the house going.

Danny Yan

Rebel Kenway

Because they are a great example of how a Broker should be.

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The Pepper Money Broker Shout Out!

Our mission in life is to help you and your customers succeed. But, given things have been a bit tough lately, we wanted to see what else we could do. Towards the end of 2021, we conducted our Real Life Difference research and asked Aussies what they rely on more than anything else in tough times is the support of others - stepping in when someone needed it.

Helping each other out is the No 1 difference we can make. So, we decided to take some of the money we would normally use to make ads to promote what we do – to promote helping each other out. Which is why you’ll notice our ads look pretty stripped back this year. And we’re really proud of it!

If someone has helped out customers or the community in any way, big or small, then we’d love to hear about it.

Tell us how they made a difference.